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link list for drivers, optimizing of computer, gaming optimizing and othera good links for usefull information.

 DRIVRUTINER. Från tillverkare.

Hyra Gaming server 

Anticheat Adds 

WEBDESIGN. Program och skolor.


Good software to check and optimize your Comp:

File manager

CPU reporting software, nice to check up on your CPU´s voltage and more

Monitoring/Hardware reporting Software, Monitor your Temps and voltage + check hardware firmware ,brands and more

Software to help you remove drivers completly, such as Graphic drivers and chipset drivers

Cleaner software for windows registry and browser history + more

Good small software that combines Ping and tracer-route in a smart way to check your internet connection and are able to make a report that you can mail your ISP.

Good browser app that helps you remember passwords and can autoinlog (built in browser password remember functions isn´t safe in any way).

Software that have more functions than the windows Task Manager and can replace it (ctrl+alt+del, but i dont recomend it).

Sysinternal Suit, a good bundle with tools to check and repair you win OS (includes Process Explorer)

Software for overclocking and monitor your GPU, has OSD functions (On screen display ie. let you see Temps, gpu usage FPS and more in game)

Anti Malware software, small and takes only a small amount of comp recources

PB Setup

Small software for manualy update Punkbuster anticheats files (if punkbuster for some reason didnt update it self).

On punkbstrB.exe fault / Reinstall of PB

1.Uninstall Punkbuster

2.Run CCleaner to get rid of crap in the windows registry 

 Let us know what you want to se on this side, we try our best to add in more help for you all.